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Kathleen Scott Spiritual Music Composer, Singer and Voice Teacher Heartsongs CD $15.00

This recording is dedicated to Dr. Ernest Holmes, whose wonderful books and philosophy have been life-transforming for me.  Most of the songs recorded here were inspired by affirmative statement contained in his book, This Thing Called You.  These songs were originally written for two congregations: The Center for Spiritual Discovery in Costa Mesa, California and the Spiritual Awareness Center in Visalia, California - my spiritual homes.

My profound gratitude goes to Marco Rodriquez whose brilliant musicianship and dedication to excellence made this recording possible.

  1. All I Can Be
  2. As I Believe
  3. Fill My Cup to Overflowing
  4. God Is, I AM
  5. Good, Good and More Good
  6. Here and Now
  7. I Am the Love
  8. I Am! I Can!
  9. Right Where I Am
  10. Shine Through Me
  11. This, Too, Is God
  12. Wake Up!
  13. Bonus Track: Begin Again
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